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Voice Applications are first-class citizens with supports for verbs like Play, Say, Gather, etc.
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Store, organize, and serve your sounds on S3 buckets that you later use for analysis.
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Deploy existing microservices using Express.js, Sinatra, ASP.NET Core or simplify with functions.
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1const { VoiceServer } = require("@fonoster/voice")
2const voiceServer = new VoiceServer({ base: '/voiceapp' })
4// Start the voice server
5voiceServer.listen(async(req, res) => {
6  console.log(req)
7  // Answer the call
8  await res.answer()
9  // Use the Say verb to stream a sound back to the user
10  res.say("Welcome to your application")
13// your app will leave at
14// and you can easily publish it to the Internet with:
15// ngrok http 3000
1const Fonoster = require("@fonoster/sdk")
2const callManager = new Fonoster.CallManager()
4// Replace the webhook with the one from your Ngrok{
6  from: "9842753574",
7  to: "17853178070",
8  webhook: ""
10  .then(console.log)
11  .catch(console.error)

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