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VoIP Networks

Fonoster comes with support to deploy VoIP networks with ease. For example, with Fonoster you can create a SIP trunk to connect to the PSTN and assign Numbers for inbound or outbound calling.

Adding a new Provider (trunk) is easy with the CLI. Here is an example:

$ fonoster providers:create
This utility will help you create a new Provider
Press ^C at any time to quit.
? friendly name voip ms
? username 20131
? secret *********
? host
? transport tcp
? expire 300
? ready? Yes
Creating provider voip ms... c2uO-eO7tR

Adding a number is just as easy with fonoster numbers:create

You can also create your Office/Home network by combining Domains and Agents. Thanks to SIP, you can connect to your VoIP Net using a Softphone or IP Phone.