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Create a project

Projects in Fonoster allow you to manage related resources in a single place. With your Project account, you can create and manage your Providers, Numbers, SIP Agents, Domains, Functions, and many more features.

Follow the next few steps to create a new Project using the CLI.

First, open a new terminal.

Next, login using the Account AccessKeyId and AccessKeySecret from the Console

fonoster auth:login

Then, create a new Project with:

fonoster projects:create

Type a friendly name and chose to enable or disable experimental APIs.


Each Project has its own AccessKeyId and AccessKeySecret, and the PJ prefix (e.g: PJ619154d081467a0700000001), and that is the result you'll see in your terminal.

Select a project

To start working on a Project, you first must select it as default. To do so, follow these few steps:

First, open a new terminal.

Next, find the Project's reference with:

fonoster projects:list

Finally, set it as default with the projects:use command. For example:

# Be sure to replace with your Project's AccessKeyId
fonoster projects:use PJ619154d081467a0700000001

You are all set. You can now begin adding your Providers, Numbers, and more.